Hello everyone!

After a brief hiatus, I am back at blogging! Unfortunately, today is a busy one sthis the usual posts might not happen until this weekend. I’m also trying to blog from my phone so there may or may not be pics. Bear with me ;)

Today marks my last day in the internship! The office is closing early – fortunately – because the Big Guy and myself are flying down to LA for Labor Day weekend!!! Such a treat :) I start my big bad new job bright n early Tuesday morning…going into feeling relaxed/satisfied on the fun scale is just what I need :)

The Big Guy played his last year of college basketball at Humboldt when I played my first. We didn’t date that year but were close friends so traveling for road games was always fun. I think that plays a part in my love of traveling with him :) and, for having dated for nearly 3 years now (a year of which was long distance!) we have never flown on an airplane together (unless you count with 20 teammates).

Im so excited! Our plans for the weekend center around a balance of being activity and soaking up some pool and drinks time :)

My apologies for the lame post today — hopefully I can get the hang of this phone posting! I have some killer workouts to share with you guys.

Talk to you soon! Happy Friday :) what’s everyone doing today for the long weekend?

New Car + Photo Dump

Good morning!

Willow says good morning, too :) or “gimme some of that turkey bacon, girl”…either/or.

photo (371)

Today’s post is going to be more of a “photo dump”. I take my Series 7 examination on Wednesday so right now I’m afraid I have to buckle down and seeeeriously study for that thing for the next two days.

Big news of the weekend — we bought a car! :D We decided to make this a long term investment; this will be “my” car for the next 7ish years (a-ok with me!), and the Big Guy will lease a smaller car (unless we decide to purchase a 2nd one down the road, but he likes to change things up too often to justify purchasing himself a car vs. leasing one).

photo (362) photo (363)

Audi 2011 q5, AWD SUV

It’s not the car we had in mind when we started shopping but I LOVE it! I can’t wait for snow season to get here to test that AWD out ;)

photo (365)

Of course, I got the car I wanted so the Big Guy got to choose the wheels. We spent a good portion of our Saturday (we bought the car Friday night) hunting for some good “boots” for the new car.

photo (367)photo (374)photo (369)

Saturday night we went to a ball game with my brother, Blair! Too many beers and a lot of laughs later, I had a REALLY good time. I haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time with my brother in years so it was good to hang out and I’m hoping we get to do it more often :)

photo (370)photo (372)

Sunday included bomb breakfasts, a solid workout, study time (yuck!), grocery shopping (def not yuck!), and starting the process of collecting snowboarding gear for this winter (…can you tell we are excited to go?!)

I’ve actually NEVER been snowboarding or skiing because I played basketball through college. Winter sports + risk of injury = I was never allowed to go! Now, that’s all about to change and I can’t wait!!!

We spent the evening at my oldest sister’s house last night for dinner and hang time. Chutes and Ladders, anyone? :)

photo (373)

My niece Jaycie is QUITE the little flirt. She’s a natural…I really should take notes.

photo (375)

That’s all I’ve got for ya today — hopefully my mind will be more at ease tonight and I can include some of this weekend’s workouts and the quick, efficient ones I have planned leading up to Wednesday’s doom ;)

Have a great day!


Floppy Buns

Good morning, and happy Friday! :)

It’s a little gloomy outside this morning — fall must be coming!!! <== BEST SEASON OF ALL :D

The Big Guy and I stayed up later than usual last night as the result of a visit to Stinky Britt and Co. (she leaves this morning to go back down to school :( ) I also had the great surprise of seeing Dan, a friend from HS that I haven’t had the chance to see in years! She is little miss world traveler AND just graduated from grad school (yes, she is also 22 – she’s a stud!). She will be moving to Switzerland in a few weeks so I am hoping to spend some more time with her before then.

photo (357)

(that lucky guy? Britt’s little brother who we all crush on quite a bit ;) )

We had steak, stuffed mushrooms, salad, PUMPKIN PIE, and a LOT of wine at dinner. We were so busy chatting and messing around that I forgot to snap pics!

Staying up late meant getting up late (weird, right?!) so today was rushed a-yet-again.

The weather has been deceiving lately, so today called for layers on layers!

photo (358) photo (359)

- dress (Target)

- sweater (Old Navy)

- jacket (Forever 21)

- scarf (Nordstrom BP)

- wedges (Target)

Breakfast was simple….

photo (360)

and lunch is a total fail. Whateva tho man! It’s Friiiiiidayyyyyy!

To keep with the unorganized state that is my mind, my food, and myself this morning, let’s skip back to yesterday’s workout. I chose to just stick with 24 Hour Fitness yesterday to help expedite our evening plans so it was a shoulder circuit for me!

photo (361)

I wanted to get a good sprint interval session in on the treadmill when I was finished but it was definitely lackluster. The culprit? My freakin’ bun! I have a lot of hair so if I don’t have three hairbands and a ridiculously large headband to keep everything in place, my messy bun becomes this huge floppy weight on the back of my head. Rocking only one hairband and a little headband, I was NOT havin it yesterday = 15 minute walking incline workout instead.

Every happen to anybody else out there??

After work I am meeting the Big Guy at his office in downtown Bellevue to venture into downtown Seattle to visit, yet again, ANOTHER car dealership! The hunt – and struggle - is real my friends. Hopefully we can find the perfect fit soon!!!

We will hit the gym (and maybe late happy hour ;) ) afterwards. This weekend is full of some fun plans and some serious studying. I take my Series 7 exam next week and need to hit the books extra hard for the next couple of days!

Questions of the Day:

- What fun plans do you have for this weekend?

- Are you ready for fall?!

Good Workouts and Byes

Gooooood morning! Hope you all are having a fabulous week :)

Cutting right to the chase this morning, it’s recap time!

Yesterday’s WOD was great, if not on the difficult side for me. HSPUs kill me — every time!

It was a 12 minute tabata combo. Each minute, on the minute, you do 30 seconds of “work” and then get 30 seconds of rest (4 minutes per exercise, 3 exercises = 12 minutes). We did row machine (for calories), HSPUs, and burpees. Whew!

After Crossfit I met the Big Guy at 24 Hour Fitness to sneak in a quick back workout before dinner.

5 x 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 wide grip lat pulls 

5 x 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 narrow grip lat pulls

4 x 12 single arm cable rows

4 x 15, 15, 12, 12 weighted back extensions

Then it was chow time. Yummmmmm!

photo (352)

We had grilled steak, corn on the cob, and (dang it, again!) a few glasses of red wine. We were both still hungry (weird, right?! ;) ) after the first round, so I fixed us some salads too.

photo (353)

Another weird thing (lame sarcasm, what’s up) was my rushed state this morning. I didn’t want to get out of bed! Breakfast, lunch, and the ‘fit were all on the fly this morning as I ran around trying to get ready.

The resulting ‘fit:

photo (355)

- dress (Nordstrom BP)

- sweater (Nordstrom BP)

- scarf (Nordstrom BP)

- wedges (Target)


This is only half of a breakfast. I actually had two of each.

photo (356)

- toasted Ezekiel bread + almond butter + agave + banana

- egg/turkey bacon “muffin” topped with a little swiss cheese

…and of course my almond milk latte :)

It’s almost Friday whoop whoop!


After work, Crossfit, and (potentially) 24 Hour Fitness tonight, the Big Guy and I will be heading up to Stinky Britt’s to say good bye :( she is going back down to school in Northern Cali tomorrow morning — I’m going to miss my partner in crime!

Have a great day!! :)


Yeah, I Loved It :)


Yesterday I officially accepted a job offer for a marketing position I have REALLY wanted. I don’t want to get tooooo specific about the whereabouts, but it’s with a firm in downtown Seattle…in the tallest building in the city (besides the Space Needle, duh!)…between the firm I’ll be working for, the views from the office, and the location = dreams come true ;)

I am so thankful to have an opportunity like this. My dream is to be marketing director for a firm in 10 years  — this is the first big step toward moving up that ladder. (please excuse my mini celebration. This has been a few weeks in the making!)

I guess we can get off the go-Caitie bandwagon for a few minutes to recap yesterday’s events beyond the good news ;)

The Crossfit WOD was freakin’ AWESOME, as promised. I finished in 15:43 (the workout is on yesterday’s blog post).  I have a little something to b**** out real quick, stemming from yesterday’s WOD. There were a father and son clearly new to Crossfit at the gym yesterday. During the WODs, I like to pace myself against people that are either a) beating me or b) right behind me, so that I can gauge how fast I COULD be going, etc.

WELLLLLL let me tell you. Both the father and son clearly didn’t want to get beat by a girl. Each exercise required 40 reps before hitting a 400m run and they both CONSISTENTLY did 30 reps or less. Pardon my venting but, dear Crossfit dad: what kind of lesson are you teaching your son?!

Sorry. Rant over. Cheating is the ULTIMATE pet peeve for me, especially if part of the motivation is someone’s unwillingness to admit defeat because a girl is kicking their butt. Grr  >l

photo (351)

On a lighter note, after Crossfit I met the Big Guy at 24 Hour Fitness for an arm circuit. I’m going to have to take a break from Crossfit at the end of the month while I try to find a gym in Seattle or close to home (so sad!) so I am starting to get back in the swing of good ol’ regular gym workouts. Plus, I L-O-V-E working out with my man! It’s fun to look forward to it at the end of the day.

Topped off with a mini ab workout (hey, I was tired!) and then it was homeward bound for us.

Last night included the return of an old favorite on-the-go snack! My older sister – who is very into healthy living – introduced these babies to me a few summers ago when I spent the summer with her in NC.

Paleo? Yep. Delicious? Oh ya. Easy? Almost too easy. ;)

photo (347)

Egg muffins! All you so is preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray some olive oil in a cupcake tin, place 1/4 piece of turkey bacon (or ham, or veggies) on bottom of “cup”, and then crack an egg over each! Cook for about 20 minutes. Yum!

This morning was a little rushed. It happens!

Work ‘fit:

photo (348)

- dress (Nordstrom BP)

- sweater (Old Navy)

- wedges (Target)

- jacket (Forever 21)

photo (349)

I threw back a few egg muffins, a slice of Ezekiel toast, and an almond milk latte on my way out the door.

I had to laugh when I went to put my lunch in the fridge at work this morning…

photo (350)

- (still frozen) steamable veggies

- an entire container of hummus

- tuna

……oops! :)

Happy Hump Day, guys! Hope it’s a good one.

I Wanna Love My Tuesday

Oh, Tuesday. By the end of today I will either hate you or love you. There will likely be no middle ground. Please, please let it be the latter!

Hey guys. Hope you’re loving YOUR Tuesday so far :)

Yesterday, I played hooky from Crossfit (the WOD was just three 1 rep maxes…I didn’t feel it was worth the drive out to the gym for that) and instead did my own workout at 24 Hour Fitness. The results:

photo (345) photo (344)

I added a plank/wall sit series at the end and left with a sweaty shirt and sore legs. Love it!

Dinner last night was simple but SO good. Turkey burgers with a little teriyaki sauce + grilled pineapple + lettuce wraps + swiss cheese (for the Big Guy) + tomato (for me).

photo (342) photo (341)


Clearly going for aesthetic pic points. Not ;)

While the Big Guy wrestled with getting our cable and Netflix up and running, I enjoyed a glass (or was it 2..?) of red wine with my mom. And chocolate, of course :)

photo (343)

The guy and I went to bed early last night with high hopes for a successful early morning workout. Ya. Didn’t happen. Snuggin in bed > gym, any day.

photo (340)

Today’s work ‘fit (gotta use up my summery clothes while I still can!):

- skirt (Nordstrom BP)

- shirt (Express)

- sweater (Nordstrom BP)

- wedges (Target)


Lunch today (prepare yourselves to be WOWED. Or moderately unimpressed. Either/or)

photo (346)

- green beans

- tuna

- Tuscan melon

- QuestBar

I was so excited this morning when I saw the WOD for the day:

400 m run

40 wall balls (14 lb)

400 m run

40 ice cream cones (26 lbs)

400 m run

40 1-arm dumbbell snatch (35 lbs)

400 m run

YEAHHHH! I’m a big fan of workouts like this. Bring it on, 4:30pm! :D

Like I said, I’ll either hate or love today — pending a phone call I am currently waiting on. Good vibes, positive thoughts, an air-five —– taking any and all until I hear the news!

Love your Tuesday, people!

First Days :)

Hey-o, happy Monday!!!

photo (338)

Today is the Big Guy’s first day at his new office! So, of course, we had to take a “first day of school work” pic ;) I am so excited for him and the opportunities coming his way. He’s worked his butt off to get where he is and deserves every last bit of it :)

This weekend was a mix of good workouts, indulgences, and time spent with friends.

photo (339)

Friday night we went into Seattle and – among other things – took a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel. It’s a tourist-y thing that everyone coming through here should try once but I must say…I expected to be wowed and I wasn’t.

Saturday we hit the gym for a solid leg workout.

5 sets of leg press: 25, 20, 20, 18, 16 reps respectively

4×8 (each leg) back rack lunges 

4 sets of seated leg curls: 12,10, 8, 6 reps respectively

6×6 standing calf raises (weighted)

I love working out with the Big Guy because he pushes me to lift as HEAVY as possibly can and move up in weight for each set. I get a little snappy when we are at the gym, but end up loving how sore I am the next day. I’m lucky to have such a great motivator :)

photo (331)

Saturday night we headed out to North Bend to watch the Seahawks game at a friends’ house. We stopped at the North Bend Bar and Grill for some burgers and beers on our way. I don’t drink beer very often but when I do I LOVE IT — especially a cold Blue Moon.

photo (330) photo (332)

Stinky Britt met up with us before we went to the ‘Hawks party at Paul’s. After the game we went to The Pour House with everyone for some more drinks and some extreme ping pong :P

On our way back to the west side, the Big Guy and stopped at our ultimate late night, post-drinking grubbin’ pit: Denny’s.

photo (333)

Is it just me or do they have some damn good coffee?! Don’t get me wrong, I love the fancy stuff but there is just something about a cup of Denny’s coffee…

photo (334)

No joke, he ordered all three of these plates. And with the exception of the bite of a pancake and hashbrowns I stole, he ate EVERYTHING. Impressive…or disgusting? Either way, whoa! ;)

The majority of Sunday was spent car shopping. We are one step closer to something we BOTH like (compromise…not one of my strong suits!) but even after 4 hours at the dealership yesterday, we are still waiting on a specific model.

The gym yesterday included some heavy cardio (gotta sweat out that beer!) and a killer shoulder circuit.

5×15 front/back shoulder press

5×15 front shoulder raise

5×15 lateral shoulder raise

5×15 reverse flies

We closed this out with some planks (yeah, I cringed, too. Planks with pumped shoulders = BRUTAL!)

I did a lot of meal prepping last night. The take away:

photo (335)

Snacks for the BG tomorrow (since he has a lunch meeting)

Lunch + snacks for me:

photo (336)

- sweet potato, broccoli, ground turkey bowl

- 3 hard boiled eggs

- slice of Ezekiel bread

Breakfast for me this morning:

photo (337)

- Ezekiel toast + almond butter + strawberries + agave

- one egg + 2 slices of turkey bacon (not pictured)

- double shot almond milk latte + agave

And that’s all I’ve got for now, folks! Since the WOD today is just 1 rep maxes on 3 lifts, I’m going to be hitting 24 Hr Fitness for a circuit and cardio. Brainstorming something good before I get crackin’ on some work so I’ll share soon :)

Happy Monday!


It’s Friday, yet again! :D

If anyone can guess from which movie (or better yet, which character) I borrowed the title of my blog, I will be thoroughly impressed!

While I anxiously await pending news (that should be rollin in here within the next week at the latest), it’s felt like I’m moving through a vat of molasses. So slllooowwwwww….!

The Big Guy’s arrival this week was a DEFINITE plus, but for some reason this past week was a struggle for me — stress about finding an apartment, a car, [insert pending news cliffhanger here], and overall discomfort about not having a “plan” yet (I THRIVE off over-planning) has me ready to lay low this weekend. The gloomy weather (my favorite!) is suggestively urging me to grab a new book and some coffee and escape from everything for a few hours :)

Yesterday, I opted to go with the second option for WODs. I was accosted by a cupcake immediately prior to leaving work, so the running WOD did NOT sound appealing ;)

5 rounds for time:

- 21 sumo deadlift high pulls

- 21ring dips

…I had to modify the ring dips with a band. My time = 12:47.

After the WOD, I was not feeling so hot so I went straight home for some water and a nap. After my nap, Alex and I rescheduled our beer date for next week — I just wasn’t in the mood and would have felt bad subjecting him to the world’s biggest grump ;)

The Big Guy and I went instead down to 24 Hour Fitness for a few minutes in the hot tub and grabbed a movie on our way back. Dinner came together quickly soon after – tilapia + steamed veggies + a little alcohol ;)

photo (325)

I had to laugh when I took this picture because, from some perspectives, this probably looks like a fancy lil meal. But perception vs. reality comes into play….

photo (326)

The Big Guy has been trying SO hard to photobomb my blog pics (I’ll let ya have this one, babe). I was still not feeling well so I ended up snacking on various fruits and things in the fridge + a glass of wine. The Big Guy devoured the fish, veggies, and his (bleh!) Michelob Arnold Palmer.

Breakfast this morning:

photo (328)

- 2 eggs scrambled + spoonful of hummus

- turkey bacon!


photo (327)

- leftover tilapia

- steamed veggies

- blueberries

- cookie dough QuestBar

Work ‘fit today:

photo (329)

- leggings (Victoria’s Secret)

- tank (Nordstrom BP)

- sweater (Nordstrom BP)

- boots (can’t remember!)

The gloomy weather = free reign for boots and sweaters galore = happy, happy girl!

My parents invited the Big Guy and myself to meet up with them for happy hour at Wild Ginger in Bellevue tonight, so we’ll all head that way right after work.

I’m going to quickly squeeze in today’s WOD at 6:30, then we’ll be racing to get out to Seattle to check out Peter Bradely Adams play in Ballard. Woo hoo! :D

Question of the Day:

How do you “escape”?

Hoping you all have the chance to get an “escape” in from whatever it is that may be stressful to you this weekend!

Got Workouts?

Good morning, good morning!!

The weekend is near! We are running out of summer weekends, so I hope you all have plans to take full advantage of these things while ya still can!!! :)

Yesterday included two workouts, so let’s get right to em. After my meeting in Seattle, I met up with the Big Guy and we carpooled out to Crossfit (he dropped me off and went to the NB Outlets).

The day’s WOD:

22 min AMRAP (weird, my #! :) )

5 HSPU (hand stand push ups)

10 double unders

15 box jumps (20″)

I finished with 6 rounds + 1 HSPU. I am slowly but surely learning how to do HSPU’s, so the WOD wasn’t my best but I got better!

The Big Guy picked me up at the end of the workout…with some surprise workout gear from Under Armour! :D What a guy ;)

We went straight from Crossfit to 24 Hour Fitness for round 2. The Big Guy had hit the gym earlier in the day, so it was workout #2 for both of us. It was the first time in MONTHS that two of us got to go the gym together and man did I love it :) Here’s what our workout looked like last night:

5:00 min warm-up on treadmill, incline


5 sets of wide grip lat pulls (sets of 12, 10, 8, 6, 4)

5 sets of narrow grip lat pulls (sets of 12, 10, 8, 6, 4)

4×12 single arm rows (12 each arm, each set)

4 sets of hyperextensions (sets of 15, 15, 12, 12)

We added weight after each set – as the reps get lower, the weight should get heavier!

After our little back workout, we hit the treadmill for a quick cardio. The Big Guy (who is NOT one for cardio!) has been raving about this treadmill series so I thought it would be fun to try with him.

0:00-5:00 incline 13.0, speed 4.0

5:01-10:00 incline 1.0, speed 8.0

10:01-15:00 incline 13.0, speed 4.0

15:01-17:00 cool down

(typically, you would continue this for 30 minutes, but we only did 15).

To be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed with this portion of our workout – you win some, you lose some! I love incline/speed intervals, but the 5 minutes felt too long and I definitely wanted to run faster than 8.0mph for the lower incline interval. I’m going to be making a few adjustments! :)

After the gym we hit Costco and Trader Joe’s to stock up on some healthy grub. Dinner was sushi :P We rented “Admissions” and hit the sack early last night!

Breakfast this morning:

photo (321) photo (318)

- scrambled egg (2 whole eggs)

- pineapple

photo (319)

LOOK WHAT ARRIVED YESTERDAY!!! Finally have some more espresso for my morning lattes :D

- almond milk latte + 2 shots of espresso

photo (322)


photo (320)

- cashew clusters (salty and amazing)

- blueberries

- cocoa roasted almonds (these actually aren’t very healthy as far as ingredients go, but I love em)

Lunch will actually include the chicken and veggies from yesterday. I was so anxious to get to my meeting yesterday that I left work without my lunch and ended up grabbing quinoa sushi from Trader Joes and a QuestBar.

photo (323)

Side note…has anyone had this liquid gold?! The Big Guy guzzles it — I try to keep it to a sip or three, since it’s so high in sugar, but Superfood is SO GOOD! Might have had a few swigs on my way out the door this morning ;)

Today’s WODs (<– yes, there’s more than one at Crossfit today!) look like two viable options….deciding which to do will be difficult!

After the gym, I have plans to meet up with a guy friend, Alex, for a beer to catch up! We went to high school and college together (he played football at HSU), and haven’t seen each other in a while…he recently got back from Serbia and had the chance to travel all over Europe while he played pro football over there so I am SO excited to hear about what he’s been  up to :)

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’ll be back later with today’s WODs ;)

Overcompensation (but the good kind!)

Good morning!

In lieu of a confirmation email I just opened, here’s a random fact about me: I’ve never been to a concert!

That, my friends, is all about to change and I couldn’t be more excited!!! The next month will be somewhat of a concert initiation:

Aug 16th – Peter Bradley Adams @ Sunset Tavern. I’ll be going with the Big Guy, Stink, and K

September 20th – Carly Rae Jepsen + Hot Chelle Rae @ Puyallup Fair (I’m taking two of my little nieces :) )

September 21st – The Lumineers @ Marymoor Park <– SO EXCITED! one of my fav groups :D

September 26th – Jason Aldean @ SleepTrain Ampitheater in Portland (hello, road trip! The Big Guy and I will be heading down to meet up with a few of my friends that live down there. one of them owns an old school bus…the plans continue to get interesting ;) )

Seems I may be trying to overcompensate for some missed concerts over the years.

Alright, now back to the usual!

photo (316)

Yesterday, this goober met me at my office and from there we went to John Howie’s Steakhouse in Bellevue for their AMAZING happy hour. Of course, I went for a glass of cab. The Big Guy went with water.

photo (307)

We each ordered their bacon cheeseburger (mine without cheese!), but requested it wrapped in lettuce. These things were unreal. A perk of having the guy around again? He’s like a garbage disposal…he ate his burger, about 1/4 of mine, and could probably have polished two more without even blinking!

photo (308)

Bellevue and Seattle both have a TON of great restaurants and bars to try out. Since these can all be pretty pricey and eating out adds up quickly, I have a feeling the Big Guy and I will make use of happy hours as often as we can to save some $$$.

After  grubbing, it was CAR SHOPPING TIME! It was my first real experience car shopping. Let’s just say…I had no idea it takes so long! We are waiting to hear back about final numbers (the Big Guy is ALL about getting that best deal haha ;) ) but – if all goes smoothly in the next few weeks – we’ll be the new owners of a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4×4 Overland! White exterior, black interior, and black rims. I LOVE white cars, the Big Guy loves black…but we both fell in love with this combo. Fingers crossed it all works out!!!

photo (309)

Having just sold my first car (which was a gas guzzling SUV), I’ve had my heart set on a smaller car. After discussing priorities with the guy, however, we have decided that since we won’t have a large footprint in terms of driving every day AND we plans to do a lot of skiing and activities that require both car space and towing capacity, an SUV makes the most sense for us right now.

photo (310) photo (311)

We ended up leaving the dealership 3 hours later! We ran a few errands (like more grub and a movie) and then it was time to crash.

I definitely notice that my energy levels are significantly lower on days that I don’t exercise. Yesterday was no different – I was exhausted! While a rest day is always good, I am anxiously waiting to break a sweat this afternoon! I will hit Crossfit after work (the WOD looks gooooood….I’ll be sure to share :) ) and then the Big Guy and I will likely hit a second round of light weights and cardio and the HOT TUB at 24 Hr Fitness later this evening.

Breakfast this morning:

photo (312)

- 1 egg + 3 egg whites, scrambled


photo (313)

- grilled chicken

- cherry tomatoes

- sweet potato

…wish I had thought ahead of time and steamed some veggies :(


photo (314)

- blueberries (yes, I packed the whole carton!)

- apple

- almond butter

- QuestBar (which conveniently didn’t even make it to the freeway. yummm ;) )

photo (317)

….also stopped for an almond milk latte on my way into the office! I added a little bit of dark chocolate and coconut this morning instead of agave. WHATS UP, almond joy coffee delight :P

Today I have a REALLY big meeting at the office in downtown Seattle. I’m equal parts nervous and extremely excited and will hopefully have more news to share soon :D

This ‘fit for the day:

photo (315)

- khakis (Express)

- dress shirt (Express)

- heels (Target)

- watch (Michael Kors, Nordstrom)

Positive vibes are much appreciated!

Happy Hump Day, people :)


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