Happy Birthday Thursday!

Not only is today THURSDAY (yeahhh!!), it is also my crazy mother’s 60th birthday. Happy birthday, mama!

photo (274)

I will be racing from work to go directly to Crossfit this afternoon because (most) of my brother, sisters, and their families will be coming to my parents’ house for a birthday fish taco cookout. and ice cream cake :D

Rewinding to yesterday….

the WOD was AWESOME! I ended up modifying the toes-to-bar and instead did v-ups to spare my still-raw hands but the snatches + v-ups + sprint was a great sweaty workout. Loved it :) I finished in 13:47.

After Crossfit, Stinky Britt and I went to her house to shower and chow down before heading out to see friends.

Dinner was delicious!

photo (263)photo (272)

- crab louie

- fried shrimp (yeah. I ate something fried. oh well!)

- sushi

- glass of G3 red wine

photo (266)

…I also snagged a few pieces of whatever the heck this stuff is! One was spinach and one was pumpkin and NEITHER were paleo but they were light and delicious. This pic is actually post-socializing (aka post-wine) so they definitely made a munchies appearance later in the evening :)

photo (270) photo (265) photo (264)

After dinner we went off to our friend Paul’s house to meet up with some friends and say goodbyes to Kelsey and her boyfriend Korey who left this morning for Humboldt. Paul lives right on the river at the base of Mount Si, making for the perfect setting to spend an evening with good people :) It was SO good to see some faces I haven’t had the chance to see in awhile…I am really looking forward to spending time with some of these guys now that I am setting down roots back in the area!!!

photo (271)

Stink and I did a little damage to a bottle of 14 Hands (might not be fancy, but it’s delicious!) while we were there but, as is the curse of working life, we had to leave around 10:30pm thanks to our early mornings.

I ended up staying at Stink’s house simply because she lives close to Paul — I on the other hand live about 35 minutes away from them!

photo (268) photo (267)

Breakfast this morning was Ezekiel bread, almond butter, berries, and honey. Stinky Britt eats even healthier than I do so it’s fun to be around her for meals ;)

photo (273)

We drove into Bellevue together before parting ways for work over some Americanos and a discussion of today’s WOD.

Tabata – 8 round of (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

box jumps (20 in)

kb swings (35 lbs)

jumping squats

hollow rocks

It’ll be a smoker – a quick, sweaty smoker!!!

Happy Thursday and happy big 6-0 to mama Moo!

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